What are the odds? Gambling online

With states poised to clear the way for legal gambling on the Internet, Silicon Valley's traditional gaming companies are expanding.Where can you gamble online? What does it mean? What is the easiest way to get money? What games should be played? Is it safe to play it with your phone? Can it be called a job?

Answers of these questions can be found if you really go on google, type in online casino and see for yourself. You can make a lot of money, buy cars, houses, go on holidays without a single drop of work putted in. Also gambling means stress. It requires really cool head if you want to play like a pro. At first you will probably start losing and that’s why you need to start with small bets, to figure out some basic strategies and how they work.

Online gambling is a simplified version of real gambling. It doesn’t require traveling to a casino. It is really simple to start. The best games are roulette and blackjack. Roulette is a great game to make money. It is simple and it offers players good ways of play. Blackjack is a game for players who place their bets high. For experienced gamblers, poker is the best game of chances. Slots are the worst game of chances ever. When playing slots, everything is about luck. You just slap those buttons and when you make some money, it’s great. But you will probably lose.

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As technology made its progress and smartphones came to use, entire casinos were converted into small apps and now it’s quite easy to play anywhere in the world. There are apps for roulettes, slots, poker, blackjack, slots. And the best thing is that you can play it every day, anywhere in the world. Graphics on smartphones are great, interface is really simple to use. You can play it for fun, but of course you need to download the app from Google Store or App store, depending on which smartphone you use. PC versions doesn’t require any download, only you need a stable internet connection and a browser. Playing it online for real money is safe and just like you play it on your PC, the same way you use when you want to play with your smartphone.

It’s-Unlikely-That-Pennsylvania-Will-Expand-Regulated-Online-Gambling-In-2015-300x200Being a professional gambler does sound ridiculous. But it can be called a job. There are tournaments in poker where you can show your skill and quality game. When you are pro you must spend time in making strategies for your play and even improve your facial expressions because in poker, they could improve your style of play.

Online gambling gives you great advantage in playing but you need to be cautious. Online scams are developing with same speed as technology progresses. You need to calculate your bets and with a little bit of luck, you can get rich. It’s easy. You should develop your own system or use some that has been proved already. You should start easily, betting small amounts and easily make progress to bigger bets. Because “he who dares, wins” as Dell Boy would say.

Best Websites For Playing Pokies On Your iPhone

Ever since the first versions of slots went online, or pokies as guys from the Land Down Under like to call them, which happened at the late 1990s, this type of gambling has become so popular that it makes a significant contribution to total economy of this continent/country. Of course, with the rise of globalization and internet networks the market for online gaming is not restricted to just some particular area or region but is being widespread across the planet and thus the quantity of people who are potential customers and players of these games is enormous.

screenshot-2Rise in popularity is also reflected on mobile part of online gaming, because a lot of games now offer the option of playing on mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone or Android powered mobile phones. Easy accessibility is the main advantage of playing pokies this way, because it provides you with a chance to play from any place that suits you at the moment, as long as you have internet connection. Also, there is the element of time because you can play whenever you like with easy and quick login procedures.

iPhone pokies offer a great gaming experience and excellent quality for a relatively low price, and some games are also available in free-playing modes. There are a lot of software developers who invest great amount of working hours in order to bring you a perfect game, whether in the shape of an app or a game played directly in your browser. In general, pokies for mobile phones are perfectly adapted to hardware requirements of those devices and with interesting themes and realistic sound effects you are sure to enjoy gambling from the comforts of your couch.

However, somebody always has to be on top and these are the sites where you need to go in order to play the best iPhone pokies:

  1. Spin Palace Mobile (established: 2008) is certainly the king of the websites when it comes to online and mobile gambling. It is authorized by Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta and powered by Spin3 / Microgaming software. The Palace Group has been present in this business ever since the 2001 and certainly knows how to please its customers.
  1. Royal Vegas Mobile (established: 2000) is similar to the previous website since it is established in Malta as well, and is also performing on the same software (Microgaming). Another similarity is the quality and multitude of apps it provides, with lots and lots of various games, all packed together with tempting sign-up bonuses.

  1. All Slots Mobile (established: 2000) has the same software and is registered in the same place, but is operated by Jackpot Factory Group. Created with the desire to give the most satisfying gaming experience to any player this website offers great apps and has amazing customer service. For example, apps from this site are offered in the biggest number of different languages.
  1. Jackpot City Mobile (established: 1998) is operated by Belle Rock Entertainment, but unlike the rest of these sites – this one is authorized in Gibraltar. Since the apps are powered by the same software from Spin3/ Microgaming there is no need to doubt the quality of the apps offered on this website for iPhone pokies.

Mobile Casino Games And Their Advantages


When personal computers first met casino games, we got loads of websites where people can play their favorite games without having to leave home. Unlike in real casinos, when you play from a PC, you are not obliged to invest any money if you don’t feel like it. You can play just for fun if that is what you prefer. But there are also the casinos that provide you with the games where you can place funds online and play the games as if you were in a real casino, and withdraw the money in case you win a jackpot.

ladbrokes-casino-and-games-mobileWith the technological development, mobile phones got into game as well. Nowadays the mobile phone is not only a device which serves for calling and texting, but rather a pocket-size computer, with the addition of many various features. Since people of today use their mobiles for almost anything that can be done on a PC as well, it was just a matter of time when the casino games will get their mobile version as well. And so they did.

You have different options if you choose to play your favorite casino game on your smartphone. First, you can access the casino’s site from your mobile, choose the game you want and play through the mobile’s browser. It works the same as when you do it on your PC. The second option is to download the pokies app onto your device, and this can be done in two ways – you can either download it from the casino’s website, or you can browse online app store which provides applications for your device, look for the games there, and then download the app for the game you like the same way you would do with any other application.

2012-mobile-and-tablet-gaming-summitWhen it comes to playing for money or not, there are again two options. The first one is that you can play just for fun, without investing any money. Many of the games from app stores serve only for the sake of fun, but online casinos offer free games as well. Other than that, casinos also offer you the apps where you can play for actual money. You should create an account on the casino’s website, and then use the same username and password to log in through an application. Make sure to be connected to the Internet, so that your game progress can be tracked. The methods of payment with online casinos are various, and they usually include credit card, PayPal or some other money transfer service. But with mobile casino, there will soon be an option to pay through a phone bill.

Playing casino games on a portable device has several advantages to playing on a PC. First of all, you do not have to be at home, but you can play the games wherever you like. Also, you have several ways of finding the games you want to play, the installation is fairly easy, and there is a larger choice of games which can be played for free. The only disadvantage may be the size of the screen, but if you use tablet or iPad, the experience of playing casino games may be even more exciting than when you play them on a PC.

Types of Bonuses in Online Casinos


Those who play games in casinos say that nothing can be compared to the lights, sounds and the atmosphere of the gambling place. Sipping free drinks, enjoying the adrenaline rush once you win a game, bright lights, fantastic shows – who wouldn’t want to spend some time in a casino, and return there at least once again. Knowing all this, you might think – what chance do the online casinos stand? Well, the secret of the online casinos, other than availability and some other perks they have, lies in numerous and various bonuses. Offering bonuses (also known as “free money”) is the same strategy brick-and-mortar casinos use when they offer free rooms, drinks or coupons to their customers. By doing this, they want to make their players return to the casino ad play again (and again), and therefore spend money on games.

In this article, we will not consider the conveniences offered by classic casinos, but stick to the bonuses offered by online casinos. There are different kinds of these bonuses, and the most common ones will be listed here.

casino-welcome BonusWelcome Bonus (also known as New Player or Sign-Up Bonus) is, as the name says it, the bonus you get once you first sign up in the online casino. Pay attention to this bonus and do not rush to choose the casino with the highest one, but rather sign up in a casino which offers a smaller Welcome Bonus, but has a wide spectrum of different bonuses you will be able to choose throughout the game.

No Deposit Bonus is the bonus you get when the casino offers you to play a certain game free of charge, without placing a deposit, while you will still have a chance of winning money in the game.

Matching Deposit Bonus – this means that the casino will give you a bonus which matches your deposit. Therefore, if you place a $100 deposit, you will have $200 to play with.

Percentage Deposit Bonus is lower than the previously mentioned bonus, but the casino will still add money to the amount you’ve deposited, usually 50% of the deposited amount.

High5Loyalty-620x350Reload Bonus and Loyalty Bonus – Reload is similar to Welcome Bonus and it serves to bring a regular player back to the casino in order to play again. This is sometimes a bonus which is added to the player’s account every month, and it is usually either Matching or Percentage Deposit Bonus. Loyalty Bonus is in a way similar, and it is there to reward VIP players and regular casino customers.

High Roller Bonus is awarded to those who place large deposits, over $500 or $1000.

Refer-A-Friend Bonus is a bonus given to you whenever you invite a friend to the casino and he or she starts playing. This is a bonus offered in many casinos, just like in many other online games.

casino-cash-backCash-Back Bonus is given to those players who lose a large amount of money while gambling. For example, if a player looses $1000, he will get $200 back if they have 20% Cash-Back Bonus.

Payment Method Bonus – there are cases when the casino wants to encourage the customers to use a certain method of payment, and this kind of bonus is awarded when the players decide to use the suggested method.

If you are a casino lover and you think nothing can replace a real casino, feel encouraged to find out more about online gambling and all the bonuses you can get, and it might make you change your opinion.

Online Gambling – The Gambling From Your Home


Online gambling, that is gambling is becoming the favorite way of entertainment for more and more people, every day. This is due to the fact, that the blossom of techonlogical innovations give the opportunity to each site to create almost the same surrounding and atmosphere that we can find in the land based casinos. Besides, every game that we can play in the real casino, we can find on the Internet, too. Games such as roulette, slots, poker and blackjack are also available online and offer us the same thrill and excitement as we might have in any other casino. The only difference is that we don’t even have to step out of our home. We don’t have to spend a single coin for a gambling excursion and time saved you can mean longer session at the online casino.

74Online gambling sites are offering wide range of gambling options. This selection includes: casinos, poker, bingo, lotteries, sports betting as well as horce racing betting. Everyone can find something for himself and have a similar experience to the real casino games. Of course, it is impossible for you to win every time you access an online casino, but you can enjoy while playing the game and in that way optimize your chances of winning real cash prizes. And in case that you are willing to learn more about internet gambling, tthen visit one of the site that can provide you with the plentiful information on online gambling. These sites can also recommend you the best online casinos where you can play safe because your entertainment is the most important criterion. As long as you are sure that you choose a good and trustworthy online casino you can expect to have a great time. And isn’t that what we all are looking for when decide to play online games.

166-26022014111443As for the reality, the hidden danger that might come along with gambling such as addiction is also pretty the same. Gambling is supposed to be entertaining for as long as you have the control over it and not vice versa. In order to keep gambling enjoyable and under control, it is recommended that the player set the limit on the amount of money that can spend. It is also highly recommended that the gambler plan how much time he want to spend on online gambling. It would be wise to treat gambling simply as a form of amusement. Play only in order to enjoy, not to avoid the problems that you have in your life. Just follow these rules and gambling will not have a negative impact on your life. Fortunately, most of the studies state that the blossom of online gambling has not increase the number of people with gambling problems.

The only thing that you need to do is to choose an online casino that is most trusted and to respect the rules that you set for yourself, as well. In that case, have fun and god luck!