Types of Bonuses in Online Casinos


Those who play games in casinos say that nothing can be compared to the lights, sounds and the atmosphere of the gambling place. Sipping free drinks, enjoying the adrenaline rush once you win a game, bright lights, fantastic shows – who wouldn’t want to spend some time in a casino, and return there at least once again. Knowing all this, you might think – what chance do the online casinos stand? Well, the secret of the online casinos, other than availability and some other perks they have, lies in numerous and various bonuses. Offering bonuses (also known as “free money”) is the same strategy brick-and-mortar casinos use when they offer free rooms, drinks or coupons to their customers. By doing this, they want to make their players return to the casino ad play again (and again), and therefore spend money on games.

In this article, we will not consider the conveniences offered by classic casinos, but stick to the bonuses offered by online casinos. There are different kinds of these bonuses, and the most common ones will be listed here.

casino-welcome BonusWelcome Bonus (also known as New Player or Sign-Up Bonus) is, as the name says it, the bonus you get once you first sign up in the online casino. Pay attention to this bonus and do not rush to choose the casino with the highest one, but rather sign up in a casino which offers a smaller Welcome Bonus, but has a wide spectrum of different bonuses you will be able to choose throughout the game.

No Deposit Bonus is the bonus you get when the casino offers you to play a certain game free of charge, without placing a deposit, while you will still have a chance of winning money in the game.

Matching Deposit Bonus – this means that the casino will give you a bonus which matches your deposit. Therefore, if you place a $100 deposit, you will have $200 to play with.

Percentage Deposit Bonus is lower than the previously mentioned bonus, but the casino will still add money to the amount you’ve deposited, usually 50% of the deposited amount.

High5Loyalty-620x350Reload Bonus and Loyalty Bonus – Reload is similar to Welcome Bonus and it serves to bring a regular player back to the casino in order to play again. This is sometimes a bonus which is added to the player’s account every month, and it is usually either Matching or Percentage Deposit Bonus. Loyalty Bonus is in a way similar, and it is there to reward VIP players and regular casino customers.

High Roller Bonus is awarded to those who place large deposits, over $500 or $1000.

Refer-A-Friend Bonus is a bonus given to you whenever you invite a friend to the casino and he or she starts playing. This is a bonus offered in many casinos, just like in many other online games.

casino-cash-backCash-Back Bonus is given to those players who lose a large amount of money while gambling. For example, if a player looses $1000, he will get $200 back if they have 20% Cash-Back Bonus.

Payment Method Bonus – there are cases when the casino wants to encourage the customers to use a certain method of payment, and this kind of bonus is awarded when the players decide to use the suggested method.

If you are a casino lover and you think nothing can replace a real casino, feel encouraged to find out more about online gambling and all the bonuses you can get, and it might make you change your opinion.